We have significant experiencing helping clients manage government and public relations. Our practice includes lobbying efforts and working to initiate, direct, or defeat pending legislatiion that is of concern to our clients. We have effectively mobilized lobbying and consensus building campaigns across the country, including testifying many times before legislative committees

Government Relations & Legislative Issues

  • Drafting legislation and administrative rules in Georgia and other states
  • Analyzing the effect of pending legislation on our clients’ businesses
  • Identifying key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Organizing and managing lobbying campaigns
  • Selecting and managing government relations teams
  • Testifying before legislative committees
  • Securing contracts and legislative appropriations for clients
  • Preparing responses to requests for proposals for government contracts

Public Relations & Crisis Management

  • Advising executives and employees on responding to media inquiries and negative publicity
  • Hiring and managing government crisis management teams
  • Managing media relations and selecting and directing public relations professionals